Building God's Kingdom In Faith Through Serving

Family Activities

Families have lots of opportunities to participate in the Seton Community.  There are activites aimed at making your faith more alive and meaningful.  Then there are some things that are just plain fun.  Some get the whole family involved in outreach and helping others.  Some are just a chance for your youth to get to socialize in a safe environment.

  • The Columbian Squires are the youth division of the Knights of Columbus. Young men ages 10 to 17 years are invited to join.  It is a multi-faceted organization teaching leadership, management, and service while having fun and gaining spiritual awareness of the modern world.
  • The Current Flyers section has the most recent bulletin inserts and forms that have information on activities coming up.

  • The Family Outreach Activities get your whole family involved in helping others and learning how they can make a difference in our community.

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