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Ministry Contact:  Josephine Mosera 972-867-2192

Staff Liaison:  Mary Wojcik, Director of Worship
                          972-596-5505 x4228

The Apostolic Movement of Schoenstatt is a Roman Catholic Marian Movement founded in Germany in 1914 by Father Joseph Kentenich.  Fr. Kentenich saw the movement as being a means of spiritual renewal in the Catholic Church.  Schoenstatt emphasizes a strong devotion to the Blessed Virgin Mary, upholding her as a perfect example of love and purity.  Schoenstatt seeks to invite the Blessed Mother (and, hence, her divine Son, Jesus Christ) into the home by establishing a spiritual Covenant of Love with her.  It encourages its members to have the faith and purity of children, and to think of Mary as their Mother. 

The purposes are twofold:
  • To attain a high degree of spiritual development in keeping with Christian standards
  • To overcome the materialism and secularism in the modern world by means of creating a community devoted to this ideal
There are five secular institutes in the movement: one for laymen, two for women, and two for priests. The members seek through their work, in their own professional and special fields of endeavor, to achieve lay leadership and to maintain on the parish and community levels a program of religious education and apostolic work.  

The Pilgrim Shrine had its origin with John Pozzobon in south Brazil.  After accepting the image of Mary, Mother Thrice Admirable, he took it from home to home in his neighborhood, praying the Rosary with families.  At present, there are five circulating Pilgrim Shrines here at St. Elizabeth Ann Seton.  Each family keeps a shrine for nine days, praying the Novena of Prayers and the Holy Rosary. 


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